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Latest Lead Paint Changes Represent Wins for Remodelers

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Despite being in place for 18 months now, the details of the Federal governments lead paint rules continue to change. The NAHB has been lobbying Congress and working with the EPA in an attempt to modify the rule, has put together an analysis of the latest changes. Below are five highlights that should be a plus for the industry.

1. NO MANDATORY THIRD-PARTY TESTING- In probably the biggest development this summer, the EPA agreed not to require third-party, post-project clearance testing.

2. ONLINE TRAINING OPTION- hands on portion of the training must still be completed in person.

3. MORE TESTING OPTIONS- Finding a reliable testing kit has been a challenge, now the rules allow for paint chips to be sent to a third party lab for testing as an alternative.

4. FURTHER DEFINITION OF CONTAINMENT RULE- the rule now clarifies what efforts need to be taken in windy conditions and to allow contractors more freedom to contain paint dust and chips. EPA also agreed to keep its definitiona and standards for HEPA vacuums in line with the original 2008 rules rather.

5. NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR STATES- The guidelines set the maximum fine a state can levy at $5,000 per violation, bringing it in line with the new EPA levels. States also have to provide procedures and requirements for how accredited remodelers can preform on-the -job training for the individuals preforming renovations. The States can also opt to require all contractors working in pre 1978 homes to be accredited. The States have two years to make the changes.

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